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Why your donations are needed today?

Unite the Wright’s Way is committed to helping families in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with the goal of providing families with the second chance they deserve. Cost of living in the Tampa Bay area is just outrageous. High rent is a huge factor in the cost of living. Rent continue to increase while employment wages stay the same. How can a single parent household afford that? Government assistance may help some but in reality; most do not qualify. The current platform for government assistance like food stamps and section 8 make families feel dependent on it. The waiting period for these programs are also inadequate. Hopefully soon families would not need them at all! That is my one of goals for Unite the Wright’s Way. I want to be able to show and teach families not to be dependent on these programs. I want to be able to guide parents towards better life skills so they can get a better paying job/career so they can provide a for their families.

Donations are needed as we are in the process of purchasing an apartment community for families. To keep rent low (max of $800 a month) we are depending on donors and grant funding. The funds will go directly towards the purchase of the community and renovations. Currently the price of the community we are looking to purchase is 1,850,000. This community hold 16 apartment units. That is 16 families, that your donations will help change their lives forever. This program is needed now more than ever. There are approximately 19,000 Florida children currently in foster care. Around 50% of those children will be reunified with their parents at some point. While parents are required to complete certain steps to get their children back, there is not enough “after care” in place to assist these parents in making better choices. Our success will be measured by the many kids in foster care we can reunite with parents. Parents who are taught the basics of smart and healthy living, will not only pass these lessons onto their children, they will also begin making positive contributions to society for generations to come. Our goal is to provide safe and affordable living situations for deserving families, while also providing workshops on finance and parenting.

In our efforts to help families build strong foundations, we seek committed donors like you provide the funds needed to support our programs and services. So please join me in making a change and donate today!

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