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Cherise Wright

President and Founder


Unite the Wright’s Way


      I established this organization because I was tired of seeing parents separated from their children with inadequate help and resources to get reunited. I am a foster care parent and I observed the process of how families were reunited and wanted to do more.  The services I saw that are currently in place (in the state of Florida) are inadequate and often led to a state of recidivism so to speak. The foster care system can be extraordinarily complex. Also, there are not enough foster homes out there to support these children in need. There have been several reports of kids sleeping in the Eckerd buildings due to unable to find placement for these kids. Sometimes when they do find placement it may only be temporarily which may lead to the child being placed in multiple homes for 1-2 night at a time. As a foster parent and single parent, myself this broke my heart and I wanted to make a difference.

      Unfortunately, there are approximately 19,000 Florida children currently in foster care.   Sadly, around 50% of those children will be reunified with their parents at some point. While parents are required to complete certain steps to get their children back, there is not enough “after care” in place to assist these parents in making better choices.  My organization will assist with this gap in the foster care system. It will provide services for single parents and parents separated from their children looking to reunite. My program offers affordable housing, financial counseling, parenting workshops and life coach services. These programs are mandatory for every resident. I came up with these workshops as they are critical to the success of parents. I am a single parent myself and know the struggles of not having the support of family or the financial support to be able provide adequately. There was a point in my life, when my son was 2 years old and I felt like I was at an all time low. Trying to manage working full time, childcare, trying to further my education in college and ensuring all bills are paid for one person can be exceedingly difficult and stressful. I wish there were a program out there like this one, I created that could assist me at that time. I have had so many nights of crying and praying for a better way. Thankfully, that day came for me. However, that is not the result for many single parents out there. The stress of everyday life can be very overwhelming. I want parents to know you are not alone in the struggles you encounter. My program is a 2 year program and will provide guidance and support for families to build that foundation they need.

      Parents who are taught the basics of smart and healthy living, will not only pass these lessons onto their children, they will also begin making positive contributions to society for generations to come. My goal is to provide safe and affordable living situations for families with the intent of keeping discouraging disparities at bay.

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